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Jordan Peele is one of my absolute favorite entertainers in the business. His sense of timing and comedy is profound. But it’s his understanding of what makes Horror such a great genre and his ability to utilize that in his films; that gets me fired up when talking about him. Would I be interested in seeing him tackle something other than Horror? Absolutely, but this is where his heart is. Now, some will walk away from Us and think “well that was just freaking weird.” And it absolutely is but I believe it works in that regard. Peele crafts this world from the ground up and tells a (fitting) Twilight Zone tale that takes some insane twists and turns. While most things in this are completely unpredictable, I did predict one of the big reveals. I found it pretty easy to figure out but (as it easily could have) it didn’t make me like the film any less. It’s so interesting to see where he takes these characters and why.

His direction allows us to build a relationshop with this family just from the first ten minutes. That’s a rare thing to accomplish with a movie on this level and Us gets you invested immediately. The over-abundance of blood was completely unexpected, as was one huge decision towards the end. I still have questions. I know some of them will be answered with another watch and I know some will just never have an answer. I have to accept that fact and realize what Peele was going for. Not every decision works; such as an odd green screen shot towards the end and a strange decision with one characters’ voice. I have my fair share of minor nitpicks but when you craft something so incredibly original; a huge kudos is required. Also, the score and the cinematography are worth the theatrical experience alone. Please go see this movie in the theater.

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