When They See Us

When They See Us ★★★★½

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Wow, Ava DuVernay has completely blown me away. She has officially redeemed herself for A Wrinkle in Time, which was a complete mess. But, that’s a case where you have a studio pushing something specific. This show was hers and she was able to thoroughly explore what it means to go through something as intense as this situation. I felt emotional, disgusted, heartbroken and enthralled; all throughout these four episodes. This is a great limited series and honestly, some of he best filmmaking I have seen all year. This and Chernobyl, are the only two shows to make me say “wow,” this year. It’s not as rewatchable as it is impressive; because the level of emotion here can be too much at times. The cinematography and color correction are the definition of perfection.

I can’t point out one technical flaw, other than one or two over-the-shoulder voiceovers; but that happens in almost every movie/show. From a narrative standpoint, you get it. Both sides are explored and both sides have their level of reasoning. The cops have to solve this crime, yes; but the way they go about it (lying, yelling & being violent towards the kids) is a crime in itself. It’s horrific behavior and they falsely accuse the children of a crime that seems like something beyond their years. Sure, everything may not be completely accurate; but as a guy who has little (factual) knowledge of the actual true story, this was needed. This docuseries is one of the most important things to watch on the big/small screen in 2019. If you have a Netflix subscription and four hours; this one is a must. It’s truly  remarkable filmmaking/storytelling.

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