Nope ★★★★½

Peele boy who cried wolf’d me!

Watched Get Out in theatres and it was fine but at times painfully overt (Kaluuya’s performance remains flawless)

Caught Us opening day and thought it was stronger than Get Out (leads were once again top-notch and the score rules) but felt it bit off more than it could chew ideologically

Decided to wait for Nope to hit streamers and immediately regretted the decision. Will happily rewatch in any sort of big-screen setting. Peele’s got the juice! He made the strongest, clearest-eyed commentary on the Hollywood machine and its propensity for spectacle — that is itself a sensational spectacle — since the 1960s (so far as I can tell). And he molded it into the form of a sci-fi horror thriller with one of the most exciting sound designs ever conceived. Brava . . . bravura! 💐

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