"I hate life! The torment, the cruelty of it." -Limelight

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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc
  • Hardware
  • The Death King
  • Mondo Weirdo

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  • Around the World in 80 Days


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  • Hardcore



    A parent’s worst nightmare. 
    A religious man must navigate the world of hardcore pornography in order to find his missing daughter. 
    I thought this would be bleak and disturbing, but some of it is actually comedic. If it weren’t for the missing girl, it would be a comedy drama. Like Dick Blaque, the pornstar. That was strictly for laughs. 
    Still, it’s a good movie that has you wondering how it will end. 

    Watched on Tubi.

  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves


    Joan Crawford is a successful writer, but she has no one to share her life with. It’s mostly her fault for avoiding people. She meets an intriguing young man who is smitten with her right away. She’s hesitant, but eventually starts to like this guy. Problem is… he’s crazy? Or is he? And what sinister plot is unfolding beneath this?

    “You slut!”

    Watched on Tubi. Tubi has it in the film noir section, but it’s a melodrama.

Popular reviews

  • Thief



    I’ve never liked a Michael Mann film, but I have such a good feeling about this one I picked up the Criterion BluRay. I also hear it might have been an influence on Drive, so let’s find out...
    Oh god yes. Gimme that rain soaked neon synth city shit all day. 
    I was like “how is Jon Belushi so thin?” Then I remembered Jim Belushi exists. 
    Willie Nelson. 
    OK, our protagonist is not a good guy.…

  • Private Parts

    Private Parts


    “Did he say penis?”

    The problem is I’m not a fan of Howard Stern. I mean, his sexual humor is so immature, I can’t handle it. Aside from that it’s funny enough, and I like fight against the system movies. 

    Watched on Amazon Prime.