Normal People

Normal People ★★★★★

I cant even describe how this made me feel. on the surface it could not be more different from my life but deep down it was one of the most relatable things i’ve ever seen. it is so insanely far from cheesy or predictable or over the top. it’s so real. paul mescal and daisy edgar jones are incredible in this, and the writing put so many things i’ve felt into words.

spoiler(?) there’s one scene when connell is talking about his struggle with adapting to college life where he says “i can’t connect this life and that life. it just doesn’t fit” and that whole monologue really really hit home. it was literally a healing experience to see someone talk about that because i went through the same exact thing. a lot of what connell went through with anxiety, depression, etc. i went through too and i’m really thankful to have seen that represented.

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