In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

There is a certain beauty that lies within a forbidden romance. It isn't necessarily that it seems like something that we shouldn't be watching, but rather, that it comes in fleeting moments. In The Mood for Love provides us with an untenable romance that isn't sparking at a good time in either of the people's life. The style that Wong Kar-Wai brings to this tragic love story only elevates an already incredibly emotional film. The stunning slow motion that plays in both high and low frame versions evokes a mass of emotions that are only felt by our characters for a quick moment, but stick with them long after. The performances are subtle enough to seem real, but cinematic enough to make the audience feel. That is ultimately the goal of In The Mood for Love, to evoke. WKW wants to make you feel what these characters feel, but also feel what we would feel in a similar scenario.

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