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  • Destination Tokyo

    Destination Tokyo


    Reminiscent of the pro-invasion of Iraq films following 9/11. On present day viewing, it can be viewed as a historical capsule. A result of intense anti-Japanese war-time propaganda on the silver screen, but that doesn’t make it entertaining, or easy to watch. 

    It’s a patient film, taking its time to establish character and life on a submarine. Unfortunately, many of these side stories are uninteresting to me. Well, except for the appendectomy. That was spectacular. 

    On a more positive note,…

  • Predator



    Sits on pedestal with Aliens and Terminator 2 as perfect blends of sci-fi and action.

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  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


    Florida man is not based on location. It’s a state of mind.

  • Jaws



    Just a perfect movie. The pacing is excellent, the characters are magnificent, and it's fueled by an amazing director who had to think on his feet. This movie by all accounts should have been a complete disaster, yet with all of these elements, and the best John Williams score ever(fight me), the film has become a pioneering example of horror, suspense, and adventure.