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This review may contain spoilers.

okay so for starters I was skeptical about how this got such great ratings being horror. horror films usually go straight for jump scares and not really building characters.. they don't truly take themselves seriously, they just put out mediocre shit for 13 year olds to watch because, lets face it, most horror movies are scary when you're 13 with a group of friends sneaking into a rated R movie.. but this.. tHIS FUCKING MOVIE.. needs security guards making sure nobody under 17 can get in because its absolutely terrifying.

in the first 30 mins I was like "nothings happening?" and was tempted to dip.. and i'm so glad I didn't because this truly changed my life as it reinvented horror in front of my eyes.
it starts with character building. it truly lets you know this family and some of their fucked up dysfunctional bullshit like all families have. you get to meet the Always Overwhelmed Mom, the "Trying to be Gentle and Understanding" Dad, the moody pothead brother, and the "innocent" quirky (and very strange) little sister.

and then all hell breaks loose. I literally had to hold back vomit (but I did not at all hold back any tears) from the graphic intense scene that is haunting me as we speak. who the fUCK is responsible for that? it was heartbreaking. too young.
and then what the fuck? moRE? I thought this was supposed to be horror not fucking break my heart as I watch this family fucking fall apart.

oh you know what would help us get through this shit? a goddamn seance. yea that sounds about right.. thanks mom.

the rest is just.. so much to talk about.. I left this fucking film filled with anxiety and so many other emotions I just wanted to scream and laugh and cry.. thats a good fucking movie when it makes you feel everything all at once.. the character building was slightly.. bland.. but at the end you kinda realize its fucking scary because you actually know the characters and see the change that they went through as the movie progresses.. and how different the Overwhelmed Mom is as she frantically bangs her fucking head on the attic door.. and saws her head off as she floats in the air.. wow what a change from the miniature dollhouse builder we once knew..

theres so much I need to process I just.. this was outstanding. this is how horror is supposed to be.. this is the start of a new era.

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