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  • Creed II

    Creed II


    I swear, the training montages in these movies are their own form of art.

  • Too Old to Die Young

    Too Old to Die Young


    By far the most Refn thing that Refn has made, in that its strengths and weaknesses are equally monumental, and that he indulges in each of his specific idiosyncrasies to an extent one wouldn't even think possible. The oversaturated neon, the slow pans, the gore, the jarringly direct dialogue — it's all here, and moreover, it's here for 13 very long hours. This is hard to watch in one go, and I'm surprised I managed to slug through it in…

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  • The Cat in the Hat

    The Cat in the Hat


    Best experimental horror films:

    1. Eraserhead (1977)
    2. The Cat in the Hat (2003)

  • Spaceballs



    The screen is black, in complete silence. Shattering the lingering anticipation to pieces, the film's title zooms across the stars and vastness of space in a bold, triumphant font, as the booming score fills my ear drums with complete euphoria. As the title disappears, text rolls into frame, and our story begins...

    What I just described to you above is how most people would describe their first experience with Star Wars. The epic 1977 space opera that changed blockbuster cinema…