The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys

love to spend my 25th birthday with The Nice Guys and a 1.5L bottle of chardonnay!! This movie still kills me, I feel like every time I watch it I notice new jokes I love. Ryan Gosling trying to interrogate people while drunk Still sends me.

And because I'm "drunk":
1.) Part of the reason I love this movie is the trio at the core of the movie. The dumb idiot private detective, the more level-headed bruiser, and the precocious daughter make up the perfect power trio for me.

2.) Obviously Holland and Jackson fall in love and Holly obtains two Dumb Dads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.) Ryan Gosling is a comedic genius and every time he's cast in a "serious" movie it's a cultural loss. Every moment he shrieks in this movie is funnier than most full-length comedies.

4.) Holland March remains my personal growth blueprint. "But he's-" I said what I said! I want to be an absolute mess in a gaudy shirt + suit!

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