Burning ★★★★★

It’s always a great feeling whenever I watch a film and love it so much that I’m overwhelmed on where to even begin. 
Burning excels on multiple levels and satisfies so many of my personal tastes. It’s open to interpretation, has dazzling cinematography, jaw-dropping long takes, and a slow pace that creeps up on you with a looming sense of dread and inevitability. But for all these things it succeeds at, what amazes me the most was its use of visual storytelling. “Tell, don’t show.” I watched this film with subtitles on for translation, but honestly, you don’t need them. Sure, the film is heavy on dialogue, but it doesn’t lean on that. It conveys so much through reoccurring imagery, symbolism, action, body language, subtle gestures, use of light, camera placement, that you can watch this film without sound and it’ll still have the same impact. I was left speechless multiple times because of how amazingly well constructed it all was. Years from now, a film school teacher will show this to their students as a prime example of using visual media to deliver masterful storytelling.

The best film of 2018.

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