Suspiria ★★★★★

Suspiria is the kind of movie that gives you a lot of good things to think about while also making you ask more questions and inquiries to confirm your theories. While watching this instantly iconic movie, I'm surprised by how quickly I'm falling in love with Luca Guadagnino's films because of how tactile and immediate they are.

I fell HARD for the gritty and grey feel of Suspiria - the production design and the score by Thom Yorke lend an extra layer of uneasiness to the already sketchy mood of the movie. I'm also convinced that under the right direction, Dakota Johnson can shine bright and stand out by showing us her skills. Fuck the Fifty Shades bias, I've loved her since Ben And Kate! Tilda, on the other hand, made me adore Madame Blanc and her two other characters for making Suspiria vastly entertaining and compelling ♥️

Perhaps the greatest thing Suspiria did is make me think that I'm not afraid of it. I've been watching horror/thriller movies non-stop for the past few weeks that I feel desensitized to violent/gory images or jarring scenes. However, like the best of them, the battle comes after I watch when my mind theorizes and wrestles with what I saw onscreen.

Suspiria's ideas of feminity, feminism, family and loyalty, power, guilt, and the never-ending effects of history make for a truly potent moviegoing experience.

Will I watch the movie again? I'm not sure yet! The long-ass scene towards the end creeped me the fuck out. Will I keep thinking about this movie? You bet your ass I will!

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