Burning ★★★★★

When my grandpa died, he just disappeared. I wanted to blame it all on myself but i didn't have the guts.
The feeling was surreal.
Most of his things were taken away by time, but there was always something left behind. A constant reminder of what i felt about him.
When someone you love just disappears, you get this feeling, it's haunting.

I live far away from South-Korea, still i'm always drawn and fascinated by the Korean society.
It's something Lee Chang Dong never turns his back on, although he is 64 years old "Burning" has a fresh and young vision of youth, crime and the everyday situation we find ourselves in.
As much as this film is fiction it's also very realistic how everything is, you could almost say it's a parody of life itself.
Just like Murakami novels "Burning" has humour as well, like real life situations you may laugh just to find yourself crying moments later.
There's a lot about this film to like, people tend to mention the metaphors, which are set in stone within the film. We try to understand them, just to find out that there really is no real answer to the film's questions.
It's all what we want to believe is told to us.

"I wanted to expand the mystery to the world where young people live, looking closely into everyday lives, it could feel familiar but the tension is there. The idea was the thriller — the mystery in our daily lives."

- Lee Chang Dong

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