Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★½

If the multiverse is real, I really wish I weren’t living in the one universe where comic books, the internet, Reddit, meme culture, Marvel, Scott Pilgrim, Rick and Morty, and YouTube screenwriting tutorials have led us to this being seen as a masterpiece rather than a vapid exercise in pseudoscience. The kind of bombastic film that would usually give me a headache, which interestingly enough it didn’t, however I feel like a headache would have been more pleasant than sitting through two-and-a-half never-ending hours of the Daniels trying to impress me with how funny and clever they are.

Genuinely amazed at the amount of people praising this for making their day or whatnot when going to see it kind of ruined mine for how it made me think of all the other, infinitely more productive and fulfilling paths I could have taken my life down that day. The editing was good, I guess.

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