Avengers: Endgame

there will never be a movie as ambitious and rewarding as this. endgame is a one way ticket to heaven and by god it is the prettiest heaven of all. i still can’t believe this happened i still can’t believe everyone involved was able to pull off this monster that masterfully closes a 10 year arc. i don’t even want to talk about anything believe me you should go in completely blind it’s an experience that’ll throw you right off your feet. there is SO MUCH i want to say but my mind still can’t wrap around it all this movie needs 7 years to truly completely be digested into my system. 
maybe it’s just the excitement speaking but oh my days you are not ready at ALL. all negative aspects can easily easily be brushed off once you just think of the scope of it all. this cinematic universe is a huge part of my life and this entry only makes me appreciate it ten times more it just cannot be real we CANNOT be this blessed. the russo brothers brought out 12 year old me and 19 year old me while watching this and that is such a rare, beautiful event. w o w

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