for years i have been passing by this little indie cinema near my house and it has always intrigued me. recently i noticed that it has been showing interesting films that never get a wide release but i never actually went in and saw one which has been haunting me for quite a while. last week i saw an ad for a film festival which finally meant it was my chance to see some unique and small films at a theater instead of waiting months to see them at home. from the second i entered the cinema and i saw the low seats and the dimming lights, i knew i was in for something truly special. i think it was destiny that my first movie at a film festival is this one, a film so meticulous and spellbinding. the atmosphere was so fitting its like everyone knew that what we were about to watch is going to floor us all in a hazy, beautiful trance. when the camera lingered on a sunset and everyone went silent it was truly like a religious experience, its impossible to not stare in awe at the colorfully poignant sky as it slowly engulfs you into a crazy but fantastic story. its just so satisfying when a movie wraps around you and completely takes control of all your senses while exposing you to an exquisite soundtrack accompanied by some absolutely masterful acting. i haven't seen much of steven yeun but his performance here screams mystery and intrigue in such a subtle way. technical aspects aside, the way this movie conveys its psychological themes is effortlessly impressive, there is so much to think about and digest but its also all so calm and immersive i don't know whether i should sit and think about everything in my life or just bask in the glorious scenery and gentle aesthetic of the south korean countryside. its a movie that requires a lot of reflection and patience but it all definitely pays off i even wanted more than its already lengthy runtime, i need to spend more time lost in this beguiling world. film festivals are so freaking cool and they make me so giddy and happy and although this was my first one, im dying to do it again !

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