Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

i honestly don’t know where to start this review. this movie has impacted everyone who watched it and i am no exception. during the first couple of minutes i directly felt like i was a part of the narrative, at the core of it all right there with the magical characters. the spell call me by your name casts is remarkably somber yet one can’t help but be thrown right into it. 
timothee is fantastic as elio his performance screams confusion and sadness in such an amazing way, armie hammer as well. seeing the relationship between these two develop was great, little details define the mood of this movie and an example of this is how they looked at each other at first and elios hesitancy as he is completely lost and unsure of himself in front of the cocky oliver. armie was so loud and boastful but when he was alone with elio it felt as if we’re seeing him as he truly is.

for a while i always had these very weird thoughts and ideas about love, it was always this abstract far away thing and i never thought i’d ever truly feel it, but then i found my girlfriend. she brought so much into my life and i always feel so much towards her it’s  so hard to describe yet so perfect. call me by your name not only captures that beauty but it also made me think about love and just how long it’ll last. my girlfriend is leaving to study abroad this summer and this movie was like a punch to the gut reminder of that. 
oliver just left so abruptly i didn’t have time to think or process it and i’m afraid this is what’ll happen to me. i don’t really like getting too personal on here but when a movie reaches out to me just like this i can’t help but open up abit.
that monologue at the end is some of the best stuff i’ve seen in a movie ever it’s just so accurate and it resonates within me.
the more i think of call me by your name the more i appreciate it’s beautiful simplicity and it’s delightful soundtrack i just hope it keeps its breathtaking air on a second watch.

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