Lady Bird ★★★★★

in all honesty i can’t really put to words what i feel towards this movie. its 3 am and i’m just sitting here in my room in the dark thinking about so much stuff this movie is just so realistic and authentic. i just want to know how and when greta gerwig snuck into my head and stole almost all my thoughts and emotions and how on earth was she able to cram them all into 93 minutes. 
i just want to run onto the street and scream that i love this movie so damn much i’ve only seen it once but it’s already extremely important to me i am so happy and thankful this exists. 
i’ve never had a perfect relationship with my mom we always argue over stupid and petty stuff and seeing that translated so perfectly on screen just makes me feel so fulfilled and sorta represented in a way ? i’m not exactly sure how to describe it to be honest. 
saoirse ronan is so effortlessly whimsical and beautiful i fell in love with lady bird instantly and i know i’m rambling on but this movie left me in a wonderful, melancholic sort of euphoric haze that i don’t really want to get out of maybe i’ll just have to watch it every single day for the rest of my life ( id do that gladly )

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