Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

i expected the sadness and the tears and the heartbreak. i expected to be left confused and lost and all that , but not like this. i feel like a huge weight has been left on my shoulders and it feels so .... weird. its nothing i havent seen before but its done so differently and weirdly and i cant quite explain it. i want these characters to be my friends i want to hang out with them all the time because yes, they are broken and messy but arent we all ? i really feel very bizarre for some reason this movie really is something special its wonderfully happy and sorrowfully sad all at the same time i cant quite collect my thoughts about it and i dont think ill be able to for a while. i honestly dont know if this rating is too high or too low i just really loved the idea of this movie and the characters and the last 10 minutes felt like the walls were closing in and its amazing how film can just affect us all in such a way like UGH how do they do it . i realized i wrote "i" a lot ( around 20 times woah ) and i apologize but this movie was really personal and although im afraid to visit it again because im scared of not liking it as much as i did now, im sure that my brain wont rest until im cruelly sad all over again.

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