the last movie i saw in theatres was sonic the hedgehog way back in february. so much has happened since then that it make my head hurt to just think about it but a lot of it was kind of life changing for me. i finally live alone and i built up the guts to take the bus to go see this in a basically empty movie theater, i didn't know what to expect at all. I thought it would be weird to be back in that space but it honestly felt completely normal the only difference is that i didn't have my friends by my side to talk and laugh and discuss afterwards (i called them after don't you worry).

so what do i think about tenet? yeah its good. i don't know if you noticed but my reviews recently have been lackluster and boring the pandemic is eating away at my brain but for this one i thought id do the old trick and try to write it out on my laptop instead of my phone. i think im making such a big deal out of this because i missed sitting in the theatre so damn much, i cant think of a better way to come back. nolan is nolan, silently sneaking in emotional waves under that giant blockbuster ocean and although they aren't as moving or powerful as his previous 2 movies (minus the war one), its still enough to make my heart sort of ache, especially with that electric goransson score. ill surely have to google "tenet explained" after i finish writing this but there's something so moving about someone just taking a concept like this and finding a way to execute it both narratively and technically. the inverted action scenes are a wonder to watch and there's something very metal gear solid about the entire thing. i don't want to really touch on the plot until i fully understand it but again, pulling it off is as impressive as sitting and trying to think it all through. for a lot of the runtime i was thinking about nolans addiction to time and quite frankly i would do the same if i were him, toying with a concept so abstract yet so controlling by making it a tool or a weapon in this case might just be his way of trying to understand it. looking back, i cant really take anything substantial from it and i can see how one could despise this and how it could come off as empty to some but idk, cool time concept is enough for me. reading back through this makes me realize that i didn't really say anything but ill allow myself this as it is one of the rare times where it feels good to just let it all spill out of my brain, now i have enough time to sit and think about how gorgeous rob pat was in this, simply sublime.

with everything gpoing on this seems to be the last movie anyone is ever going to see in cinemas and honestly? im perfectly fine with that.

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