Velvet Buzzsaw ★★★

i hate to be the type of person to compare a directors work to his/her previous stuff but i couldn’t help but miss nightcrawlers sleek, absorbing feel while watching this. while the cast is great i couldn’t help but notice that each character felt limited and very one note which quickly made the film a drag to watch in some parts. i loved the glam and harshness of the art world as it’s something i don’t usually look into, seeing jake gyllenhaal zooming around in a mini cooper is a real treat. other than that stuff were just happening for no reason, cool stuff, but useless stuff nonetheless. notice how i used stuff three times in the same sentence which goes to show you just how uninterested i became nearing 
the end of the movie. the horror aspect was inventive but it quickly got boring and repetitive which sucked because the idea of art coming to like and going after people is extremely compelling. 
although i’m feeling pretty disappointed right now it would be great to see jake and dan gilroy team up again in the future because when they do, we’re surely in for a wild ride featuring a lunatic gyllenhaal performance.

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