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  • Moonlit Winter

    Moonlit Winter


    I am sad about the two lovers being seperated cuz of society values but the emotions kinda lost in the way due to the jumping back and forth scenes.

    And I kept comparing this to Shunji Iwai's Love Letter which it didn't come close to the nostalgia of the said one. 

    I love the last "P.S. I dreamt about you too.".

  • Crazy Samurai Musashi

    Crazy Samurai Musashi

    I wonder if they made it black and white movie, it would be a bit better? 

    But this is like a game walk thru more than a movie and game walk thrus are definitely more attractive than this. 

    Just not for me. not at all.

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  • Mulan



    I don't want to give a movie with female director/ female lead any bad rating but here it is.
    It is so ugly and rips off everything that makes Chinese culture so grand!

    When you frame a shot where the top knot is cut off, you are over. 
    The thing about Chi too. What do you want to say Disney? "Unless you are gifted and born strong, you can't be strong?" Lol
    The climax scene is no where near the…

  • Peninsula


    Umm how to say ... fast and furious with zombies here and there featuring floating cars?

    CG is awful, the wheels of the cars don't even turn sometimes.