Blockers ★★★½

"Let's cock-block those motherfuckers."

Blockers brings more depth to the ravle than advertised on the surface. This is a raunchy comedy that reveals a candid relationship between adolescents and parents wrapped up in a hilarious farce. Although still on the shallow side with its humor, it was incredibly sweet and landed most its gags.

I did not expect this to have as much care emanate from it than it did. Structurally, it's no different from the typical western comedies that grace the market every year, but it shows a level of emotion within its character relationships to warrant a good amount of attention. Plus it portrays a truth really well among its ridiculous premises.

Throughout this entire film I could not look away from John Cena. This is the type of movie he should be doing, at least until he's advanced in the acting craft, because he was incredible here. He was funny, sharp and unbelievably engaging in his role.

Surprisingly more feeling here than expected packed within a strong comedy. It feels sincere even when it showcases the crude and absurd things its character get up to.


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