Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ★★★★

"This didn't put an end to shit, you fucking retard; this is just the fucking start."

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is an incredibly blunt comedy drama that is powerful in its emotion. Unapologeticly crude in its humor and highly impactful in its drama, all performed by an excellent cast, this film is only slightly hindered by some elements that don't pan out.

For a start, this is entirely different from what I expected. The mixing in of that dark comedy just felt so right, even if a few lines didn't quite hit the mark. This combined with really well crafted drama that just hits and hits hard. The story shifts around a little, hinting at the possibility of following a certain direction, but some of the threads sort of fizzle out. It leaves an unsatisfied feeling, which is especially disheartening when this film builds up different points so well.

A huge take away from this would be the performances. Frances McDormand is incredible, alongside the always amazing Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell. This cast brings in their all, particularly McDormand, who plays the tough, grief-driven mother so well. There's a high level of intensity that persists throughout the entire film, accented with some abrupt humor delivered perfectly.

This is an utterly compelling story told with phenomenal performances. Although some threads go out cold, leaving a level of unsatisfactory, it still feels powerful. Drama done well sprinkled with unabashedly coarse comedy make for a compelling film.


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