The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

"Is this all there is?"
"What more ought there be?"

The Green Knight is the type of movie I would have saw in my formative secondary school years, that would have instilled in me a love of film and would have pushed me to study it. I have no doubt many will see it today and be just as inspired. As I see it now, I marvel at it and am hypnotised by it all the same.

I know only the barebones plot of the poem from which this film is adapted, but no matter. This film does marvelously in presenting a complete story of chivalry in an absolutely irredeemable world, and the eternal battle between our humanity and the rotting decay of time that finds us all - with visual spectacle in spades. The sheer scope of Gawain's quest is matched only by his determination - such stoicism and zeal is usually hand-waved off as a cliché in films today, and yet here, it is portrayed with such utmost sincerity and goodness that it absolutely works. Even when things get predictable (like that ending, which can be seen coming a mile away), you are still sold because of David Lowery's honest ambition to deliver a lush folktale for the ages. As Gawain (an expectedly magnificent Dev Patel) journeys across the land to uphold his honour and virtue, The Green Knight delivers visual treat after treat, the entire movie gorgeously shot and immaculately, patiently directed. I'm just a tad annoyed that it took this long to come to Singapore, but it was definitely worth the long wait.

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