Suspiria โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…ยฝ

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1 - Most popular horror on your watchlist

Last year I had already partially seen the new Suspiria, with still a good hour to go to reach the end. For watching it further I kept it off ever since, until now !

With a masterpiece like Suspiria, I can imagine that Luca Guadagnino had a hard time getting some sleep at night. I'm glad he took his time for approaching this project. He avoids all remake tropes and comes with a re-imagining witches tale based on the 1977's original. A big tribute to Argento's artwork, freely handling the source, sculping it in to his own vision, making an entirely different tone of film, giving us a new experience that is close to the so called "elevated" horror. I liked this dance movie, Argento clearly not !

I think we will probably see more horror movies from Guadagnino's hand. The lore and seeds for the other mothers are planted. So, who knows maybe he comes up with a sequel or stand alone movie.

Glad to see that Dutch cinema legend Renรฉe Soutendijk is still kicking it !

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