Suspiria ★★★★

Suspiria is a rare horror remake that manages to take the elements that made the original so distinct and memorable and improve upon them in ways that differentiate itself from the original while still staying true to what made that film such a beloved classic as it is today. For as niche and abstract as the original Suspiria is, Guadagnino has crafted a version that is possibly even more polarizing and less accessible to mainstream audiences.

It is a film that is undoubtedly excessive in every conceivable capacity including its length, pace, and violence, which will surely turn many viewers away, however, it is also excessive in its creative vision, ambition, and visceral emotion. Suspiria is going to be a tough sell for most moviegoing audiences, and even most hardcore cinephiles might not even be prepared for what they would be getting themselves into with this film, but for those with a deep appreciation of filmmaking craftsmanship, or even those looking for a film experience that will make them feel unclean and depraved, Suspiria is a must-see, even if you can only stomach to see it just once.