Movies That Feature "Nobody Speak" by Run the Jewels

John Mathews

John Mathews 9 films

Movies where adults show The Thing to kids they are watching because everyone knows kids love The Thing


Brittany 2 films

What Time?

Ezra Cubero

Ezra Cubero 34 films

movies whose full title can be perfectly and comfortably sung to the rhythm and cadence of the "i know who i want to take me home" part of "closing time"

demi adejuyigbe

demi adejuyigbe 26 films

Movies in which a guy with an Italian accent goes "Why you breakin my balls?"

Gal Balaban

Gal Balaban 3 films

coming-of-age films that came out one year after the other, focus on heartwarmingly and heartbreakingly realistic female protagonists, have the same poster color palette, and feature a god tier pool scene

Owen ❄️

Owen ❄️ 4 films

Movies possible without cinematography or editing

J.W. Hendricks

J.W. Hendricks 0 films

jon bernthal, an actor who is capable of leading entire tv shows, has 10 seconds screentime in the first scene in a heist movie and then presumably dies in an off-screen heist and is never seen again


Jay 2 films

mediocre movies to watch if only bc Armie Hammer is hot


Clark 7 films

Personal Favorites


Clark 43 films