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  • Diana: The Musical

    Diana: The Musical

    I was genuinely surprised and a bit disappointed that the directing team didn’t commit to the absolute dumpster fire of it all and hydraulically lift a mangled Mercedes-Benz from beneath the stage in the finale of Diana(!): The Musical(!), the most jaw dropping and unintentionally hilarious exercise in bad taste Broadway has seen since Bialystock and Bloom launched their gay romp with Adolf and Eva.

  • Ava


    This is what we get for not giving Jessica the Oscar for Zero Dark Thirty.

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  • Clash of the Titans

    Clash of the Titans

    How much did they pay Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes to wear those hideous get-ups and vomit out this atrocious dialogue? Because I assure you it wasn’t enough. What a truly ugly movie.

  • Superintelligence


    There is NOTHING remotely super or intelligent about this Thanksgiving Turkey. Melissa should honestly sue Ben Falcone for cinematic spousal abuse at this point.

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  • Tammy and the T-Rex

    Tammy and the T-Rex

    White privilege is Denise Richards and Paul Walker having successful careers after this.