Nope ★★★★

maaan i wish so badly that i could catch this on IMAX, a regular screening felt like it took away half the spectacle of the amazing set pieces, just pain bro

some thoughts i had:

I love the fact that they opened with a shot of gory cgi monke soon followed by "monkeypaw productions" title card

ufo literally looks like a huge cowboy hat with a large butthole

really enjoyed daniel kaluuya's perfomance, also love the panavision hoodie he wears during the final hour

they went full on speilberg/jaws mode for the final 40minutes, also did the akira bike slide, very cool and the imagery (specifically the final moments) for these was very much anime esque (evangelion angels refrence!!!???)

in short the final act is just peele shamelessly showing off his cinematic obsessions

i love the cinematographer guy cranking a huge old imax camera, swagger king

even with all the positives, the film took its time to make me fully invested into it, mostly because the way its edited, wasnt a fan of the placement for the chapter cards, also i love the themes but not sure if i fully connect with the way its presented, like i wish they fleshed the characters more, especially steven yuen's, lot of potential there, still im very much excited on revisiting this, hoping they release it in digital imax for home media

ngl they say NOPE quite a few times

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