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  • So Long, My Son
  • Election
  • Monster
  • A Gentle Breeze in the Village

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  • Drug War


  • School on Fire


  • Groundhog Day


  • One Cut of the Dead


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  • Drug War

    Drug War


    Another great crime thriller from Hong Kong's master of the genre Johnnie To.

    A brutal action thriller that keeps you hooked whole time without really getting bored.
    This movie is so exciting, ingeniously staged and also written that the 107 minutes just flew by. The finale in particular knocked me off my feet.
    But even if Drug War is an excellent film, we still feel that Johnnie To had to direct with Chinese censorship on his back. I am in awe that Johnnie To was able to sneak such a subversive film through the strict Mainland China censors. It’s remarkable.

  • School on Fire

    School on Fire


    A prolonged scream of fuck you to 80s Hong Kong society. Absolutely exhausting and powerful.
    Ringo Lam was brilliant and volatile director.
    It's one of the most perfectly directed and angriest, grimiest, most ruthless movies ever. An utterly devastating experience.
    Watched with Collab Club.

Popular reviews

  • Malignant



    Before watching this movie i didn't know anything about it, didn't watch trailers just saw the poster, watched it blind but still I figured out the plot twist 30 minutes into the movie.

    Malignant is terrific. But the problem is that it is somewhat predictable, something that would have been solved without its initial sequence which is very well done, but which undoubtedly makes it lose impact on subsequent turns.

    This was like a one big tribute to 80s horror…

  • Kingdom: Ashin of the North

    Kingdom: Ashin of the North


    The special effects, the cinematography, the acting, the storyline, all of them were so breathtaking.

    Now i’m so excited for kingdom season 3, lee chang & ashin are on totally different sides regarding the resurrection plant, their clash will be so exciting to watch.