Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★


lazy, like a pamphlet i would have gotten at my privileged university solely made by the people up above because it's something that had to be checked off a to-do list. thinks that it's bold but once you peel back all those flimsy layers, there is nothing daring or striking underneath. the disjointed tone hurts this film deeply. but nothing hurts this film more than the way characters and concepts have been downgraded to mere caricatures to aid its weak script. also, repenting lawyers? having your faith placed upon law enforcement? if you are apparently planning on giving me a cathartic experience where all those hopeful things are present, then why, oh why did she have to die.

i thought i could find redeeming qualities upon a second rewatch, i really wanted to see it in a different light, but the bad taste i had when i watched it for the first time never truly left my mouth.

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