Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★★

so…. how about this movie, eh? i’m gonna have a lot to say because… how could i not. 


this movie was amazingly directed… the scenery, the horrific imagery… i was unsettled and amazed at the stuff i was seeing. some of the scenes flowed together so well and had an AMAZING underlying score… i’ll never forget the emotion i felt when i saw wanda floating and meditating to the electrical guitar music. that shit was amazing. basically everything that had to do with wanda in this movie was amazing. her story was great, but where the fuck is vision?! she not give a shit abt him no more? she was absolutely ruthless and she was the villain. i never expected it and i LOVED it. she played the part so well and even though she was the villain, i was rooting for her entirely. and the scene of her possessing the other version of her… ugh so good. i also love how a lot of the film ties in with What If…? even though i know a lot of ppl didn’t watch that so they were prob confused as ever… but not me! 


America Chavez. shut your ass up you annoying little prick. like seriously what was the point of this bitch. all she did was come on screen and look scared… she was a liability and was introduced in a HORRIBLE WAY… NO EMOTIONAL CONNECTION TO HER WHATSOEVER SO WHY THE HELL WOULD I CARE IF SHE DIES FOR WANDAS GOOD?!!? they literally were like ohhh she’s LGBTQ and latina how should we incorporate that… oh i know she’ll wear an LGBTQ pin and she’ll say random ass spanish at pointless parts!!! PERFECT REPRESENTATION!!! LIKE SHUT THE FUCK UPPP YOURE ANNOYING AND I TRIED SO HARD TO LIKE YOU BUT YOU LITERALLY SUCK BALLS ON A TUESDAY NIGHT YOU TRICK ASS BUG! i also didn’t like how bizarre this movie tried to be at times. it really didn’t always work. i cringed way too much than i should for a marvel movie and some scenes (COUGH COUGH POST CREDIT SCENES) i was like genuinely what’s even happening at this point. 

Overall… this movie was great. i really loved it and it’s one of my favorites. i mean it gave me everything i’ve ever wanted: Wanda serving Cunt. she swam in the Mother Lake and then murdered the entirety of the Illuminati. that’s what i like to see. she even said it herself! “I’m not a monster… I’m a Mother.” exactly! you’re exactly right baby never change. i took away a star for some absurd ass shit and horrible plot developments that make this movie seem like it was just randomly thrown together bc i wanted to do like 10 different things at once. Sam Raimi, i need you to be put in your place. you’re directing a marvel movie, pick a fucking genre next time. don’t do ten other different things i know you think you’re the shit but you also made the first 3 spider-man movies. so you shouldn’t really be so cocky. don’t get too ahead of yourself ever again, you did really good with this movie but you tried too hard at some parts and for that… i Spank. you.

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