Freaky ★★★★

Your touch makes this pussy dryer than sandpaper, you fucking monkey... I can't wait to kill you later.
This movie made me feel again. First you have a horrid ass opening kill, then even more horrid ass exposition. But then, act I comes to an end. Act II begins, and my oh my does my whole life begin. But why have a closeted gay boy baggin on bussy when i could have a real gay relationship in front of my eyes? Like really the gay bitch was so awfully grotesque and ugly. He genuinely was egregious and his performance was off-putting, I don't even want to like men anymore. but don't worry because the sweetheart booker changed my mind and my pants suddenly dropped to my floor every time he was on screen. im so sorry to my roommate for having to see my pull down my pants every now and then but i can't help it when that boy is being shown to me. HE KISSES A GROWN ASS MAN AND THE TWO MEN KISS IN THE BACK OF THE CAR LIKE LIFE IS NORMAL??? NO BITHC WTF YOU ARE WEIRD AND ABNORMAL TO DO THAT... but why not go all the way plz? i would've actually liked to see that only on bookers end because his bare bum was bursting at the seams of his jeans nearly the entire movie his rare bear was practically begging to be let out and it never was! !! why :( but surprising and good guys! you know how to write CUnt Characters Tree Gelbman they are the queens oh.

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