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  • Arrival


    A WONDERFULL WONDERFULL unique movie that isn't afraid to delve into the complexety and commit to its subject matter. Must see! It doesn't dumb down its heavy topic while still explaining it in a way even leyman can follow. The movie does stumble a tiny bit towards the end by bringing in a 'twist' second theme. The twist works well and is well set up but the second theme was just not needed and feels weirdly out of place in…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Zack Snyder has some slick visuals. Can someone get him a screenwriter and a director?

    I refuse to judge this as a movie. I heard stories before but none of them do this mess justice. This isn't a motion picture at all. It is a lose, unsystematic collection of Zack Snyders visual ideas thrown into 100 and whatever minutes without add breaks or a new youtube video buffering.

    This simply has no plot, makes no sense and should not be judged as more than an acting reel for the actors or a portfolio for teh artists involved.