Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★★

A mild fire saga

I'm an absolute sucker for musical comedies, so when I saw the ratings I was a bit disappointed, but I do agree that 2 hours is way too long for this type of movie. The comedy is a bit corny especially with how fake the accents are with Will and McAdams, I swear they actually lose it at certain times. As narrative it follows the usual dream chasing plot, the only difference being set around the Eurovision Song Contest, I'm sure a whole bunch of people went into research for the actual event after watching this.

The only reason why I'm rating this higher than a 5 is for the great music, I think I enjoyed every song, they weren't too corny but just enough cheese to get a chuckle, not to mention they're all super catchy. I also liked how it incorporated many northern European countries, they don't get as much spotlight in the mainstream media especially in the comedy genre. Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams did a decent job at being a romantic comedic duo, but I wouldn't call their characters iconic or anything. Shoutouts to Piece Brosnan, this man still looks crisp at an old age.

Overall this wasn't so bad, a little bit long for a comedy but at least the soundtrack is more than average, also, if you're not a fan of Will Ferrell's comedy you might have a bad time.

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