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This review may contain spoilers.

That girl gone crazy, and that boy gone bad.

Bruh, once again I got bamboozled and shook from another David Fincher movie, a rollercoaster ride of emotions and assumptions that can make any toxic couple go crazy. I think the title was supposed to be "Girl Gone Crazy" because that was some batsh*t insane stuff she had to do, I mean granted cheating was a jackass movie, but bro to lose your sanity is just plain cruel for a punishment. I went from totally thinking Nick did all that, to holy sh*t someone needs to stop this woman. There's also the message of the glamour behind such gruesome cases, a real life rendition of something that could totally happen. We've seen it all before when the husband acts too casual after his wife goes missing, this one throws a left hook at that trope, and doubles the intensity with a wife that crosses the line. There are some crazy b*tches out there guys and gals, be careful. There's also the double standards between how genders are perceived when telling a lie especially with rape, the stats are horrendous at how much women are being caught lying.

It might feel a little long for some folks, but the story is very immersive, the little title cards to show the current date from an event makes it feel like watching a chaptered book. Ben did a good job, but Rosamund Pike hit it right out of the field, both roles of being innocent and guilty were played like a fine tuned piano, the dynamics at the end totally switched, I was fearing for Nick's life at that point.

Overall such a dope watch, I'm both glad and saddened that this is off the list, I wish I watched it sooner, and I wish I hadn't seen it yet.

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