John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★½

The final third movie to this trilogy that is apparently getting more installments. Either way I've enjoyed the previous 2 and since the violence has only been ramping up I can only imagine the rampage that's about to happen in the next 2 hours.

Right off the bat the overall colour corrected environment is like a neon light show, and John is the target that not only pops out; but the subject of everyone being passed by. Boban hilariously cannot act but his physical status is enough to make his appearance worthwhile. The world of Wick is bigger than ever before compared to the small and secluded storyline in the first film; this one throws characters and side plots like a sale in wal mart. The adjudicator is such a try hard actor that I only disagree with since she doesn't even look like she represents her status at all; an older actor would've been a way better choice.

The action scene choreography is top notch as always, amped up a bit from the second movie; we get to see John use any and every weapon that he can get his hands on. Halle Berry plays an excellent assassin alongside her amazing two dogs that rip sh*t up. The second act steps away from the usual city life, seeing John in a new environment that although looks unfamiliar is actually quite a refreshing view. There's a balance between downtime and action sequences that move in such a way that is expected and unexpected at the same time. The small humour scenes actually fit quite well, a well needed change of tone with all the violence happening. The concierge is now a kick ass character that has deserved more spotlight since the first movie.

The final act delivered what we've all expected from this series, high octane shootouts against a group of soldiers that act as the final boss's henchment; disposable armor cladded fellows that need no face for sentimental value. The final conflict is dope af, no guns and just pure fighting it reminded me so much of the raid series and not just because the actors were from those movies. Just when you think you've seen every fighting style and every weapon utilized in this movie, it doesn't fail to give us more surprises and creative ways to kill people. Overall still an excellent action film that delivers on the top level fighting that's been building up since the first release. The plot on the other hand has gone from being straightforward to this convoluted and overpriced world and story that fails to keep a balance between reality and fantasy. BUT all the elements at least have more substance than the flashy action movies we get now.

Tl;dr Babayaga doesn't play around, somebody give John a break. A little over spiced for such a dope third installment.

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