Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia ★★★½

An English in the sands.

People aren't kidding when they say that this is a spectacle, high budget production sets and endless amounts of extras it spares no expense in ensuring the audience gets transported back to the days of the first world war. I had no idea this was actually based on a real person nor know anything about the political war struggles from that era, so I was extremely lost for most of the watch lol, but it did spark something in me to learn more about it. There are a whole lot of names to keep track of and with a runtime of almost 4 hours the heavy dialogue scenes can get really sluggish. It's visually convincing in every aspect but of course given the time this was made there are clearly some technical limitations, nothing too big to fuss over and at least the stunts were on point.

The performances are great especially Peter O'Toole's delivery of a character who went through a rollercoaster of psychological and mental warfare, to the point where he actually looked different by the end of the movie, the rest of the cast were appropriate according to their character but no one else really stood out. I think I need a rewatch because it wasn't until the last hour when I finally pieced everything together, only then the film started to be engaging, before that it was just me admiring the grandiose scenes. I'm not sure how accurate the events were from this movie but I'm curious to know how the Arab community feels about it.

Overall this is a pretty damn good movie, no wonder it's highly referenced but oh boy with such an intimidating runtime along with the heavy load of substantial information it's understandable why this can be at the back of anyone's watchlist, but for history lovers it's a definite must watch.

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