The Fly

The Fly ★★★½

Cronenberg you twisted motherf*cker, I watched this one as a kid but only really remember Jeff being super ugly. I say that in a positive way because every single practical effect used is A+++, from the make-up, prosthetics, and the animatronics used for the non humanoid parts of the fly. This might have been Jeff's cinematic debut coming from television, and he did a damn well job at playing an obsessed scientist that was tragically transformed by his own creation. Although in the first act he's barely acting it was like listening to a Goldblum interview. Jeff's fly mode was convincing enough for me to believe that he really is a human fly, just a disgusting piece of meat that reminds you flies shouldn't be anywhere near your food. Shoutouts to the a fly's mannerism, didn't think that the extra slurps would make sense on a human hybrid.

The music is generic but adds a little more shock to certain scenes like the baby larvae and of course the during the fly's final form. Do not watch this while you're eating because just like the Fly you'll end up spitting em back out. The dialogue is somewhat a hit and miss, the sentimental and sincere parts were well addressed but the casual talk seemed a little awkward... cheeseburger?

Overall enjoyed this movie and I'm glad I'm not 9 years old anymore because I can now sleep peacefully even with those gross scenes embedded in my mind.

Tl;dr - who needs CrossFit when fly genes can turn you into an Olympian.

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