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Cosmic immigration.

Ah yes what better way to top off Thor's trilogy with yet another familial problem, this time with a hidden older sister who happens to be the Goddess of death. This is considered the best Thor movie with the complete revamp in almost everything, from the tone all the way to the brightly colored sets and costumes, Taika made sure every nook and cranny was filled with some sort of spark. The usual dark themed shots are all gone and the dialogue has also upgraded the humor by a good amount, doesn't go overboard with the slapstick stuff instead it's the quirky delivery that brings out the laughs. This movie also changes a lot of things moving forward, Thor's friends get killed like unimportant side characters lol, Asgard faces its most powerful foe(s) yet, and it's the last time we get to see the Hulk before wearing shirts in Endgame.

The casting for the new characters are top notch, I hope to see Valkyrie do more things in the next saga as the king of New Asgard, and of course the boys Korg and Meeks. Shoutouts to Jeff Goldblum for gracing the MCU with his presence, I was hoping there would be some direct reference to his brother the Collector but maybe we'll see that in later movies.

Overall always a good rewatch, I can't believe Thor is getting a 4th movie and I'm excited what Taika has in store for us.

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