Upgrade ★★★★

Shut down & Restart.

Holy sh*t this movie is awesome, as a sci-fi type of dude this was an absolute treat to watch, and the execution outside the fiction was also well done. The world building aspect left us wanting more, it wasn't over the top futuristic, it had a perfect balance of modern tech and believable advancements. I mean this type of premise and plot isn't new, articial intelligence taking over and whatnot, but it was just done so well that surpassed being somewhat of a derivative. The combat was unique, Grey really sold us with how uncontrollable his movements were, and the camera angles helped made things look more robotic. The score helped emphasize every action on the screen, this overpowering almost blaring reverb that put an extra spunk in every punch and stab. The pacing in the first act might be a bit sluggish, but the payoff is worth the build up. It also doesn't dive too deep in the narrative, and mostly just tells us a story rather than trying to give values or lessons. Logan Marshall-Green did an excellent performance, I wouldn't mind him taking the mantle of Wolverine for the MCU lol.

Some people might have a problem with the ending, maybe they were expecting the two to get along and be some kind of vigilante, but lets be real, that wouldn't make for a tragic story. It also stops any sort of continuation or sequel from happening, but I do see a spin off happening with the Jamie hacker person, I'm not sure if that loose end was properly tied.

Overall this was dope as f*ck, a ride from beginning to end, and an absolute treat for anyone who love sci-fi movies, even action junkies will get a kick out of it too.

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