• Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    Gotta gotta know Greta from this film. Will be more meaningful as she unfolds 'Barbie'
    She a crazy woman. Delightfully so. Genius too.

  • Rewind and Play

    Rewind and Play


    So it was rushes we were watching.

    What bores into me is the sweat and pores of his skin. The part where he just plays while he is waiting.

    All this background about being ignored is righteous but without knowing about it, changes the experience of the film.

    Thus my lowish score. Originally at two stars out of five. I've since read reviews giving me some background.

    I'm still saying that the film on itself does not show this clearly…

  • The Balcony Movie

    The Balcony Movie


    Of the eleven films I saw at this festival, this was the most enjoyable.
    Funny, bittersweet, at times deep--all of these experiences were captured and delicately held in this film.
    The idea wonderful, the execution with such a finesse. That's how I would describe delicate.
    The finesse came with the rhythym of the passersby and who spoke and responded when. Wonderful.
    Also the editing into what questions would be answered--such a finesse there.
    The use of the timing of the year especially thru the one character's chores.
    Finally the wisdom to know when to ask the right question. Wow.

  • Fire of Love

    Fire of Love


    This film expanded my universe. For a film to do that, I am extremely grateful.
    Did these two have a death wish? That's what I am left with on a soul level, while I try to grasp on an intellectual level the information and experiences that they found.
    I will be forever grateful to have been given this gift of looking into volcanic activity as an earthly thing. As a part of a dynamic living changing earth.
    These two were…

  • Dropstones


    Could not get past 15 minutes with this film. Found the characters uninteresting.

  • Doug and the Slugs and Me

    Doug and the Slugs and Me

    Watched half of it. The whole thing around Doug got boring.
    So no rating, means such a bad rating. Sorry.

  • Scarborough



    A day later, and I'm still aching for the children and adults in this film. I viscerally miss Laura.
    So in short this story, how it was told, and what it illuminated gave me so much.
    In the first twenty minutes I was wishing I hadn't chosen to watch this. Somewhere after, I became committed. 2 hr 16 min. The time is meaningless after the beginning.

  • Scarborough



    Certain scenes, certain encounters haunt my experience of the film. When he throws the pasta on the wall. HUG.
    Guess still too close to it to review. 24 hours later.

  • 1982



    There were so many parts of this film that were so engaging. I won't do any disclosing.
    But what, after two weeks of living with this story, I have kept receiving as a message from this film is this, as a North American for 70 years.
    The message is an experience of hearing an oncoming conflict, rife with bombs, planes, and the drone getting louder and louder of army tanks coming through your street where the local school is.

  • Atlantis


    Not happy that I watched it.

  • Simple Men

    Simple Men


    Though I am a huge fan of Adrienne Shelly, I mean huge, this third in the trilogy, The Long Island Trilogy, remains a top fave. Wonderful to see Hartley work without Shelly. It gives me a more well-rounded picture of Hartley as a director.
    And it is worth to watch just for Elina Loewensohn (sp).

  • Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom

    Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom


    Second viewing even more powerful than first. Little details shine through. Love Pem Zam. What more can I say? Oh, yes, this second viewing made me think differently about the ending. Interesting. (I hate that word.)