Suspiria ★★★★★

Chilling, mesmerizing and fearsome. It took me awhile to completly understand the overall message of Luca’s portrayal of the suspiria ip. It’s very well made from almost every perspective. In times it makes you feel scared, uncomfortable and also somewhat cheerful. The way the boundaries were pushed in some very particular scenes were a jaw dropping experience to watch. Thom Yorke’s score is out of the world and i’m so happy Johnny Greenwood and now Thom Yorke have gotten into film scores. Really excited for what those two can bring into a film. As a whole suspiria is controversial to many, i will understand their complaints and delight. To me, Especially after sleeping on it... Is the greatest “reboot” per say, of all time. I can’t see a world, where anything ever comes close to this film again. There are some spoilery things id like to get into to break down the overall meaning and how this film presented it self to me. But that’ll have to be for another day. Give Your Soul To Dance 💃 

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