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  • Rocketman



    Okay, usually I'm not such a stickler for this stuff - but A SCREWTOP WINE BOTTLE IN THE 70's?!?! Check your props!

    Taran Egerton did some amazing character work and young Elton was great. This film just rattled off the rails for me with no real distinction for story. The relationships that were built quickly dissipated, and my commitment by the end was gone. Also, a little hokey on the writing side by having all of this in an AA meeting backdrop.

    That being said, well done for making a very visually appealing film. Not my cup of tea, but not a bad film.

  • Ma



    Well, that was bonkers. More than anything, I felt the old-time campiness of a low-budget slasher flick grating against the idea that social media is the really scary thing here. Great performances by Octavia Spencer and Diana Silvers - and to be honest, my favorite character in this movie was Stu! Well done, Dominic Burgess.

    Walking out, I was chuckling and chatting with friends - you can just see Octavia Spencer having SO much fun in this role. It's creepy, it's somewhat single-minded thriller/horror - but worth a watch for the performances and the cringe factor.