Ran ★★★★★

As my 200th film this year, I wanted to watch something special, and what is more special than watching a Kurosawa film? Ran is perfect, and Kurosawa is a master of the arts of cinema. Ever heard about Beethoven making music while deaf? Well how about Kurosawa almost having no eye sight left, before the principal photography even began, but still creating a masterpiece of a movie. A man with so much vision, that he did not need literal vision.

Ran is so beautiful to watch. Astonishing. The colors are so bright and vibrant, it is moving art. So many extras riding around on horses and people running in samurai armor. The movie's visuals are just top notch, grade A, above visionary. The story is great, borrowing from both samurai legends and Shakespear. It is not a literal adaption or transformation of a Shakespear play, it is not that simple or unimaginative. Production design and costumes are so good that it even won an Oscar for it. Music is of course traditional goodness as one would expect.

I love Akira Kurosawa, and this might be my favorite. Having only watched black and white before this, it felt so different, yet so familiar since it is his directing. Giving this anything less than 5 is shame. I do not know how one could justify it. Perfect.

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