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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Early Summer
  • RoboCop

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  • Land of Bad


  • Wrong Cops


  • The Making of 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'

  • Reacher - Prime Premiere


Recent reviews

  • Iskul Bukol 20 Years After (Ungasis and Escaleras Adventure)

    Iskul Bukol 20 Years After (Ungasis and Escaleras Adventure)


    I just watched Vic Sotto pull down a child's pants to use his magical arse as a key to unlock an ancient tomb. I wonder what the rest of Wednesday has in store for me.

  • Mirage



    Jackie Chan: 'I broke my skull making an Indy knock off.'

    Siu-Ming Tsui: 'Hold my flaming sambuca... then pour it over my head so I'm on fire when I ride this motorcycle through that wall. Then break my skull.'

Popular reviews

  • The Hand

    The Hand


    Of all the terrible movies Michael Caine made around this time (Escape to Victory, Jaws 4, Ashanti, The Island, Surrender, Beyond the Limit, The Jigsaw Man, Blame it on Rio, Silver Bears, The Whistle Blower.... Half Moon Street, Sweet Liberty, The Holcroft Covenant, Water, The Swarm, Harry and Walter, Peeper... The Destructors, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, The Romantic Englishwoman) this one ranks somewhere around the middle.

  • Groom Lake

    Groom Lake


    Sweet Jesus. Shatner does Breen.