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  • Gravity



    Just got out of Gravity in IMAX 3D. I feel like I need a stiff drink for my nerves. This is a movie that deserves it’s 3D. I usually hate 3D but Gravity is the exception. It’s like a roller-coaster, and I mean that literally. Not like “it’s as fun as a roller-coaster!” I mean like “it’s as if I just went on a 90 minute roller-coaster and I’m still in recovery.” If that doesn’t win Best Special Effects then the universe collapsed before Oscar night cause that’s gonna win Best Special Effects.

  • Re-Animator



    Complaints I hear about modern horror films often are centered on the lack of practical effects and their replacement by CGI. The argument goes that so much of the blood and guts in these films are created on a computer, as opposed to using red corn syrup and sheep brains, and that it doesn't have the same effect as the old effects did because it lacks the presence and weight that you can see onscreen. Even if the red corn…

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  • Sharknado




  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    Sometimes movies take a little time before you know where they are going. With Tokyo Story, it takes about an hour before the thesis of the film really sets in. A poetic look at family and children, Yasujiro Ozu's most famous film is definitely a slow movie, but is all the better for the leisurely time it takes getting to the end.