Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre ★★★★

What an absolute pleasure this has been.”

-Greg Simmonds-

Operation Fortune is very much a tried and true Guy Ritchie joint with a dash of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent for good measure. Like most of Ritchie’s best films, Operation Fortune is brimming with explosive action, cheeky humor, and flair for the ever so indulgent dramatics. Plus, Statham continues to be a perfect fit for Ritchie’s cliched, but effectively flamboyant visions in their fourth collaboration. Operation Fortune isn’t going to “wow” anyone, but it’s simple but well executed and flashy package works as a perfect two hour escape that’ll leave you feeling perfectly content. 

Operation Fortune isn’t Ritchie’s best film, but it was definitely an enjoyable outing filled with all of the his signature tools, it was most certainly “an absolute pleasure.”

Jason Statham is somehow one of the most generically typecasted actors in the industry, but, I love nearly every film he stars in. Operation Fortune is another thrilling and high octane outing from Statham, one in which his on-screen parings helped move this one into one of my personal favorite Statham films. Speaking of, Aubrey Plaza, Hugh Grant, and Josh Hartnett all were an absolute treat to watch, all sharing electric chemistry and adding consistent humor throughout. Plaza, Grant, and Hartnett all meshed perfectly with Statham, making this a unique and memorable ensemble that 100% worked and carried Operation Fortune to undeserved heights (generic plot). 

Operation Fortune is peak Guy Ritchie, so, if you’re not a fan of his work, you’ll also not enjoy this, it’s very much in the same vein. If you do enjoy Ritchie’s “heisty” filmography, then Operation Fortune is a must see. Of course it’s loaded with adrenaline laden action, that’s a given, but the comedic bits, specifically from Plaza, were a selling point. Operation Fortune is a fun one, if you can, venture out and see this one. 

Josh Hartnett is a criminally underrated Hollywood gem.

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