Hereditary ★★★½

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I absolutely love the movie that Hereditary started out as, and I'm pretty sure (at least on a first watch) I hated the movie it turns out to be. It's certainly more of a traditional horror movie than I've come to expect from A24, which I can appreciate to a certain point, but I feel like the rich themes and psychological elements are betrayed by just how far into genre territory it goes.

Despite my loathing of the last third of the film, where things ramp up far too quickly and it becomes abundantly clear this is a director's first feature, there are still more than enough elements to make this a worthwhile watch. Mainly for Toni Collette's performance, easily one of the best of her career, and for a few perfectly executed sequences -- again, ones earlier on in the movie that rely more on emotion than creepy visuals (or excessive stylistic flourishes).

Collette, unfortunately, has to act alongside Alex Wolff, who I quite liked in Patriots Day but fails to keep up here when shit hits the fan. Boy does his performance fall apart by the end.

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